VIDEO: Barge-aided reindeer migration

Freelance photographer Jan R. Olsen took these time-lapse photographs of the annual barge migration of reindeer, on the island of Kagen in Troms county in Norway's Arctic. The 600-plus images document the movement of Aslak Anders Lynx's reindeer herd as they are rounded up for transport by barge on the final leg of their annual migration to Kagen.

Lynx told Norwegian broadcaster NRK that the barge helps the reindeer across the inlet during the last leg of their spring migration because they are tired and weak from the journey. On the return trip, three to five months later, the animals are in better shape and are able to swim back.

"When (the reindeer) see the boat you can see that they look forward to soon arrive at our summer pasture," Lynx said.

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