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Anchorage’s last Blockbuster will be getting that Russell Crowe memorabilia after all

Anchorage's sole remaining Blockbuster store will be getting that jockstrap of Russell Crowe's after all.

John Oliver, the host of the HBO show "Last Week Tonight," said on his program Sunday night that he had purchased what he called "pointless Russell Crowe memorabilia"and wanted to give it to one of the last Blockbuster stores in the country to help it survive.

Specifically "the only remaining Blockbuster in Anchorage, Alaska at 5600 DeBarr Road #5," as Oliver said.

[HBO's John Oliver would like to give Russell Crowe's jockstrap to Anchorage's last Blockbuster store]

The TV host gave the store 48 hours to accept the offer.

Manager Kevin Daymude said well-meaning Anchorage residents spent Monday trying to get him in touch with the right people at HBO to accept the offer.

Contact has been made, Daymude said Wednesday.

"Now we're just finalizing the details," he said.

The store manager has been swamped with media attention from beyond Alaska. He said he recorded radio interviews for stations in Australia, where Crowe hails from, and New Zealand.

The notoriety hasn't yet led to a noticeable increase in customer traffic at the DeBarr Road store, Daymude said. But he thinks it will eventually.

"Oh yeah, when we get the stuff in the display, lots of people will want to come in and take a look at it."

Daymude doesn't yet know when the memorabilia is coming or how it will get to Anchorage. But he does plan to put it in glass display cases.

"The last thing we need is someone running around with a jockstrap on their head," he said.

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