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Alaskans take on the 'Harlem Shake' meme

  • Author: Laurel Andrews
  • Updated: July 7, 2016
  • Published February 21, 2013

The Harlem Shake YouTube video meme has gone viral across the globe, and Alaska is no exception. The trend started at then end of January, when one blogger uploaded the original dance video that started the trend, according to Know Your Meme. Within weeks, thousands of videos had been uploaded to YouTube, capitalizing on the meme, each with their own unique take on the trend. Notable examples include Harlem Shake videos by the Norwegian army, the music group Matt and Kim, and this version from an office setting.

In Alaska, many of the videos have a common theme, the outdoors. Some have been created by families, others by teenagers and young adults. But following suit with the trend, all of them are ridiculous.

Here are some of the best from Alaska so far.

Alaska Screen Printer's edition:

Some Alaskan kids get down at school:

Here's the Harlem Shake while camping:

The University of Alaska Fairbanks has several videos on the Harlem Shake...UAA, where you at? UAF's official Harlem Shake:

KSUA radio's Harlem Shake:

Sarah Palin makes an appearance in this one filmed in UAF apartments:

UAF's Hockey team's Harlem Shake on their team bus:

Unrelated to UAF ... What's not to love about a giant dancing bunny head on a frozen river?

Last but not least, Kodiak Harlem Shake in survival gear:

Many more Alaska Harlem Shake videos have been uploaded to YouTube, so check it out if this compilation isn't enough to satisfy your pop culture needs.

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