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Former cold-case investigator stars in Discovery's latest reality show about Alaska

  • Author: Emily Fehrenbacher
    | Reality Check
  • Updated: December 2, 2017
  • Published April 25, 2017

Dearest readers, there are some great television programs out there waiting to be streamed, Tivo'd, and even watched with commercials like people did in the olden days. Unfortunately, none of them fall into Alaska Reality Check territory, so let's just dig into the news and gossip.

First, the wonderful, Alaska-focused employees of the Discovery Channel are cranking out yet another Alaska-based show. Premiering June 2, "Alaska Homicide" will follow Lantz Dahlke as he tries to solve cold murder/disappearance cases.

According to the press release, "Dahlke became an Alaska State Trooper because he wanted to represent the best of the best. He eventually joined the Alaska Bureau of Investigation's Cold Case Unit to help bring justice to the many missing or murdered victims and their families. However, after only 18 months on the job, the unit was disbanded — leaving most of these cases unsolved. Even though the unit is done, Dahlke is not. He's more determined than ever to keep searching — despite the many roadblocks and potential dangers of not only nature but mankind."

Both the press release and trailer make it seem like Dahlke is now just a private citizen wandering around the tundra trying to solve unsolved disappearances with a camera crew. The first episode will take place in Nome, where he will investigate last summer's disappearance of a 36-year-old man and a "2004 disappearance of a Saint Lawrence man who came to Nome to visit his girlfriend and vanished under suspicious circumstances." We'll see you in June, detective/trooper/mystery-man Dahlke.

Next, there was a post season special of "Bering Sea Gold." Clip shows and post-mortem interviews are typically my favorite, because they give you the inside dirt (hahaha puns) on how shows are made and the behind-the-scenes drama.

However, "Bering Sea Gold: Gold Fever" was more like an hourlong preview for the next season of "Bering Sea Gold" with some nostalgic clips sprinkled with many platitudes about gold mining.

Hot take of the week: I think that if the Alaska Legislature could figure out a way to tax the Discovery Channel we might not need an income tax. Seriously, "Deadliest Catch," "Bering Sea Gold," "The Last Alaskans," "Alaskan Bush People" and "Alaska: The Last Frontier" are basically on a 24/7 content loop. Just a suggestion.

Finally, apparently there is a show called "The Doctors" that airs every Monday through Friday at 3 p.m. on KYUR in Anchorage. They did a national search for "America's Most Amazing Nurse," and one of the finalists is from Eagle River. Captain April Oliver is an ICU nurse at JBER and is one of the top five finalists.

We'll end with some gossip. Reality Check has been emailed multiple times over the last few months by producers and other TV people looking for the next Alaska show. Or even just interesting Alaska characters to film.

So this is your chance, readers. Email us your best ideas for the next Alaska reality TV show. And remember — no idea is too silly. There was an entire season of TV about an Alaska company making different flavors of vodka. Let's leave no stone unturned. You can email us at

Emily Fehrenbacher lives in Anchorage, where she reviews Alaska reality TV. You can reach her at or on Twitter @ETFBacher.

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