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Post-hardcore band Hawthorne Heights heads to Anchorage

  • Author: Yoshina Okamoto
  • Updated: June 28, 2018
  • Published June 28, 2018

Hawthorne Heights (Photo by Kat Nijmeddin)

Hawthorne Heights wants you to know they aren't an emo band.

The band formed in 2001, a time when the music scene was marked with smudged eyeliner, guttural screaming and emotional lyricism. Though originally pigeonholed in the genre, Hawthorne Heights set themselves apart with power pop and melodic hardcore influences. On any number of their tracks, they unload their full arsenal: sometimes balancing screaming with soft backing vocals, combining upbeat melodies with clashing chords and showcasing electronica influences with their hard rock style.

"It's easier now more than ever to realize how lucky we are to edge out our own little sound," said guitarist and backing vocalist Mark McMillon.

Hawthorne Heights will be bringing their aggressive, genre-melding sound to Williwaw this Friday.

The band found initial success with back-to-back gold records for their debut 2004 release "The Silence is Black and White" and 2006's "If Only You Were Lonely." The post-hardcore group has traveled across the globe a few times over, commanding mosh pits and shredding guitars at shows and festivals in South America, Europe and North America.

Now, 17 years after their inception, Hawthorne Heights is still touring and releasing new music. Though the lineup has changed since their early days (McMillon replaced original guitarist Casey Calvert after his death in 2007), Hawthorne Heights continues to stay true to their original sound while providing enough musical diversity to keep things interesting.

"We cover a lot of ground over all the records, but it always still sounds like Hawthorne Heights," said McMillon.

Concertgoers should expect to rock out to both classics from their songbook as well as new tracks from their 2018 release "Bad Frequencies."

"Right now there's a lot of doom and gloom in the country… we're trying to provide a little positivity and let everyone forget everything that's bringing them down for one night."

Hawthorne Heights

Where: Williwaw Social
When: 8 p.m. Friday
How much: $18 for general admission, $65 for VIP access

For more information, go to

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