Stand in the cold for human rights

Does a candle in Alaska matter to a victim of torture half a world away? Hard to see how. But imagine the despair if we never lit a candle, never bore witness. Besides, the candle counts here at home.

An Anchorage family tradition: The moose vigil

For a few days, sometimes for nearly a week, we retreat from the usual pattern of daily life and shift our attention to the Anchorage moose cow and calves. Outdoor chores and spring projects are put on hold, lest we disturb them.

Public must have a say in parks planning

Last winter, major changes to Town Square were slated to go forward as part of a street improvement project, without recommendations from the city's Parks and Recreation Commission. Only after the commission intervened did a public process and public hearing specific to Town Square take place, resulting in significant changes to the final plan.

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