Trolling for king salmon in Sitka

Our daughter, who we’ve nicknamed Chou-chou, thrills in the wind. Arms pinned to her sides, head raised, she’s like some Viking bowsprit driving headlong into the elements. When she cackles, we exchange parental glances.

A Canadian threat to Alaska fishing

Despite being subjected to the environmental and health risks of upstream mining projects in Canada, Alaskans have no say in their approval. Which is why thousands of Alaskans have been clamoring about them.

Where young Alaskans' artistic dreams come true

Today the Sitka Fine Arts Camp hosts close to 800 students from three countries, 20 states and 45 Alaska towns. About a quarter of them came from Anchorage. Since taking over the Sheldon Jackson College Campus in 2011, the Sitka Fine Arts Camp has raised close to $4 million.

Baby, book and boat: Squirming in Sitka

Even the dog looked up as the night sky shivered green. It was magical, as if gods were taking a comb to the firmament. Out there in the dark, as the Earth was washed by solar winds, this was the first heart-level moment of Yes. Family.

Pondering the political ritual in Sitka

Want to gauge the political mood in Sitka? Sit down at the Backdoor Cafe with a cup of coffee and a salmonberry scone, pick up The Daily Sitka Sentinel, and chat with folks. You’ll learn that not much is predictable in the 49th state.

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