Coastal plan sorely needed for each and every Alaskan

Thousands of Alaskans live, work and play along Alaska's 44,000 miles of coastline. We fish for salmon and halibut, harvest herring, shrimp, herring roe, crabs, and seaweed, dig for clams, watch the whales for fun and hunt them for food, drill for oil and gas, dig for gold, pick berries, harvest timber, hunt, kayak and surf, and, in the quiet of a summer evening, stand on a rocky shore and marvel at the wonder that is Alaska's coast.

Ballot Measure 1 will improve communication

On Nov. 2, Alaskans will be asked to increase the size of the legislature. Ballot Measure 1 would amend the Alaska Constitution by adding two senators and four representatives to the state legislature. Because I believe this amendment will benefit our republican form of government, I urge a "yes" vote.

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