Alaska leaders should inflation-proof state education funding

OPINION: The Legislature’s plan for another three years of flat education funding means that Anchorage students still may face larger class sizes. Hopefully, future efforts by state and local leaders will yield a long-term, sustainable solution to education funding in Alaska's largest district and statewide.

Help independents find oil and move it

My parents grew up in West Texas, on top of the Permian Basin, one of the largest geological formations of oil in the world. When they met, the most important thing they had in common was the deep desire to get out of that flat, hot, dry place and as far away as possible. I had the good sense to be born in Alaska.

Anchorage: a city coming into its own

I am running for mayor and I've been having a hard time choosing a slogan. You've got to have a catch phrase. A sweet saying that makes people want to vote for you. Trouble is, I'm not really a slogan kind of guy.

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