You make me feel so young

Raphael Jimmy, age 91, and Vivian, age 87, both grew up in the Yukon Delta but didn't meet until the day of their arranged marriage. Two years ago they formed Kuigpagmiut, a dance group to share their love of song and dance.

Alumni Spotlight: Scott Clendaniel

Beer, art and business blend together for Scott, who has worked as a full-time artist for nearly nine years. Together with his wife and business partner Maria, the duo are tackling their largest challenge to date. It’s a new year’s resolution with a following—release a new beer portrait every day for an entire year.

"The Feather Chase"

Shannon L. Brown has been writing since her student days, when she helped launch the campus newspaper. After a long career writing for various magazines, she recently published her first book, a children's mystery novel called 'The Feather Chase.'

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