Letter: We can do better

AFN looks forward to continuing work with the federal and state governments to mitigate this crisis and take the badly needed steps toward building solid capacity and local control.

Monegan did a lot to help law enforcement in rural Alaska

I don't want to get into a big political fight over the subject of this column, but I cannot allow a fellow Alaska Native to have his reputation tarnished and used as a political football. I am speaking about the former commissioner of public safety, Walt Monegan.

Someone explain the humor in brutalizing Native women

On April 9, one of the radio personalities on the "Woody and Wilcox" show on KBFX 100.5-FM, made brutally offensive racial remarks on the morning show. The two were bantering about what it means to be a real Alaskan. One asked the question "Have you ever made love to the Yukon River or peed in a Native woman?"

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