Letter: Middle East history

I keep hoping the Trump administration’s international team knows what they’re doing, but I haven’t been holding my breath lately.

Letter: No accountability

Even with national strategic interests being factored in, one would think the international mining industry could “take up the slack” by developing projects more feasible than Pebble.

Letter: Mines and paths

One must seriously consider if Pebble can physically back up its claims in real-time and whether taking that risk is worth it with such a large fishing industry at stake.

Letter: Paying dues

I would think that dropping out of paying citizenship dues (taxes) should be OK as well — for the same reason, of course.

Letter: Education on problem areas

Wouldn’t it be nice if Jared Kushner would visit Gaza and West Bank villages and get equally educated on how to make a less farcical plan for Palestinian/Israeli peace?

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