Alaska trails: Good for us as well as our economy

OPINION: It's easy for Anchorage residents to appreciate their miles of trails, but the truth is there are lots of cool spots around Alaska, and as winter winds down, Alaskans are reveling in the fact that trails bring people together.

We need good alternatives to natural gas

The era of cheap and plentiful gas in Southcentral Alaska is over. There is more gas in Cook Inlet, as Petrochemical Resources of Alaska noted in their March 2010 report, but it will cost an estimated $1.9 billion to $2.8 billion to recover it.

Single-payer system can be our salvation

The U.S. spends a higher portion of our gross domestic product on health care than any other country, but we rank 37 out of 191 countries, according to a report of the World Health Organization (WHO) on health system performance. This shocking fact is sadly left out of the current debate on health care reform.

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