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State of Alaska issues land classification plan for nearly 90,000 acres in Unalaska

The planning area spans from Cape Cheerful, across Unalaska Bay and out east to Erskine Point. That includes several smaller bays within Unalaska Bay as well as Kalekta Bay. The Alaska Department of Natural Resource (DNR) proposes classifying the land under three categories: as wildlife habitat, public recreation land and waterfront development land. The waterfront development section would include an area from Mount Ballyhoo, near the airport, south into Captain’s Bay, into Iliuliuk Creek and around Unalaska Lake, according to DNR’s Unalaska Bay Site Specific Plan Public Review Draft.

The proposed plan also includes an inventory and analysis of resources and uses for the land within the area, along with management guidelines, which will determine the classification of the land.

The move to classify the land was prompted by interest in easements on the land. DNR received several applications for private, non-exclusive easements on the unclassified state-owned tidal and submerged land. State code requires that state land be classified prior to disposal or authorization.

Once it’s been adopted, the plan will serve as a means for managing the land in the area. It was released last month and will be open for public comment until April 22. A planning team will review this draft and issue a response summary with a list of recommended changes, following public commentary. That will also be made available to the public.

Comments can be submitted via email to, via fax or mailed to the state’s Department of Natural Resource building in Anchorage.