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Headstands and grizzly bears on quick flight up Talkeetna River

  • Author: Matt Keller
  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published June 6, 2013

We put a few hours on the Super Cub today, mashing around the Talkeetna Mountains. The weather was truly awesome. Awesome in terms of variety. We saw heavy snow fall, sunshine, clouds, reduced visibility, rain, sleet, rainbows, wind, and more sunshine. I love Alaska, I love the unpredictable weather. In one valley we saw 12 sheep,16 caribou, and a grizzly bear all within a half mile of each other. We did stop on the Talkeetna River just long enough for a head stand, and a short walk. Thankful for another day enjoying God's creation.

Matthew Keller is the owner and operator of Blue Ice Aviation. He was born and raised in Alaska and his office is the cockpit of his Super Cub. His goal is to transport everyone into Alaska's vast wilderness. See more of his videos and writing here.