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Humbling view of an Alaska glacier beneath a Super Cub

  • Author: Matt Keller
  • Updated: September 29, 2016
  • Published December 9, 2012
Looking into a glacial crevasse

It is difficult to determine depth in this photo but I am about 2000 feet off the ground. Each crevasse is large enough to swallow a Buick, or ten. It's humbling to realize the scale of these glaciers.

This is the Tazlina Glacier, approximately 2 miles wide and 20 miles long. She's a real beauty. The weather near the Tazlina is extreme, regularly blowing more than 50 mph with temperatures reaching to minus 40 in the winter.

Speaking of cold and wind, I hope you are all staying warmer than I am this holiday season. It is currently 11 degrees and blowing more than 50 mph. I just went up on the roof of the hangar to re-attach some DuPont roof-liner and ... it was scary.

Matthew Keller is the owner and operator of Blue Ice Aviation. He was born and raised in Alaska, and his office is the cockpit of his Super Cub. His goal is to transport everyone into Alaska's vast wilderness. See more of his videos and writing at Blue Ice Aviation.