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Meet Pat Goodrich, Chief Pilot of Island Air Express

  • Author: Craig Medred
  • Updated: September 29, 2016
  • Published July 18, 2012

The most recent post by the bush pilot blog Oddball Pilot is an interview of Pat Goodrich, the Chief Pilot of Island Air Express. Adian Loehr interviewed Goodrich from Ketchikan, where Island Air Express flies.

Pat Goodrich

Goodrich is a fourth-generation pilot whose grandfather flew as a fighter pilot in World War I. In the half hour audio interview on Oddball Pilot's site, Goodrich discusses a wide range of topics, from finding his first flying gig in Alaska, to being exiled from Zambia after flying in without clearance.

From Oddball Pilot:

"While most local air taxis rely on the summer tourist trade to provide the bulk of their yearly revenue (and run skeleton fleets throughout the winter), Pat and his pilots at Island Air Express have a different goal: to provide reliable, scheduled air service for the residents of Prince of Wales Island. To do this they have one Cessna 206 on floats, and two Garrett-powered Cessna Caravans: one on amphibious floats, and one on wheels…

… It's not often you meet a pilot whose family history goes back to WWI and the early days of air mail! Our conversation could have gone on for hours. Unfortunately, I'd missed the 3:15 ferry over to the airport from the town of Ketchikan, and Pat had a flight to take at 4:30. With these time constraints we tried to stay on target in this interview. True to form, I got distracted when Pat mentioned flying in Botswana…"

Listen to the entire audio interview of Goodrich on Oddball Pilot's sight.

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