If you're concerned about Alaska's economic challenges, maybe you could start a peony farm

Alaska Peony Distributors gave away flowers to their guests at an event on Monday to acknowledge the beginning Alaska's short peony harvesting season, which runs from late June to early September. "Our climate, our position on the globe allows us to grow peonies later than anybody else," said APD managing partner Mike Williams. "The demand never diminishes. It's the supply that is the issue." Williams' group wants to encourage more local farmers to enter the peony market because Alaska's community needs a higher quantity of flowers to attract a certain kind of customer. "We have buyers out there that want 20,000, 40,000, 50,000 stems a week," said Williams. "And they won't talk to us because we're only producing 2,000 or 3,000 stems a week. So we need the volume to support each other." Williams welcomes more farming investment and describes his views in this video.

Scott Jensen

After growing up in Anchorage, Scott Jensen embarked on a traveling TV photojournalism career that took him to big cities like Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis. He's back home now and produces video journalism for