Good pink salmon catches help push Alaska’s total salmon catch over 90 million

Good pink salmon catches at Kodiak, Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet helped push Alaska’s total salmon catch over the 90 million mark, or about 65% of the 132 million salmon target for 2020.

In other fisheries – Southeast’s summer Dungeness crab fishery will close Aug. 15 after a two-month opener. Several million pounds should come out of that fishery. A second opener for shrimp has beam trawlers back out on the Southeast waters, and a lingcod fishery is ongoing in parts of the Panhandle and Prince William Sound.

Also coming up in the Sound is a 15,000-pound test fishery for golden king crab that will start Sept. 1 and run through October. That will hopefully soon provide another emerging fishery for the region.

Golden king crab opened on Aug. 1 in the Bering Sea with a 6.6 million-pound quota.

Crabbers at Kodiak are still pulling up Dungeness, landing more than 1.4 million pounds so far. Kodiak boats also are targeting black rockfish.

A fall cod fishery opens in the Gulf of Alaska on Aug. 25 and reopens Sept. 1 for pot boats in the Bering Sea.

Fisheries also are still underway for Alaska pollock, flatfish, scallops and much more in both regions, along with a food and bait herring fishery near Dutch Harbor.

A food and bait herring fishery near Dutch Harbor is ongoing for nearly 3,000 tons.

Alaska halibut catches were over the halfway mark, topping 8 million pounds. Homer, Seward and Sitka are the leading ports for deliveries.

For sablefish, or black cod, more than 12 million pounds have crossed the docks out of a 31.7 million-pound quota.