Unfinished Anchorage luxury condo building goes into foreclosure

A troubled multimillion-dollar luxury condo development in Anchorage's Bootlegger Cove neighborhood will go on the market at a foreclosure auction in early January.

Dubbed "The Alexis," the planned seven-unit building on the shore of Cook Inlet has racked up about $4 million in construction costs, yet is only about 60 percent completed, said Nick Mystrom, a New Mexico-based developer who purchased the $2.4 million lien from Keystone National Group, the previous lender.

"The entire project should have been finished for that amount," he said.

Mystrom said the amount owed to contractors and subcontractors on the project by the previous developers totals about $1 million, but foreclosure proceedings may leave some who worked on The Alexis unpaid.

Robert and Lisa Munson, co-owners of Accurate Framing Systems, said the project left them uncompensated for about $100,000.

"No one has said where the money is. We don't know if it's fraud or mismanagement," Lisa Munson said. "My question is: Who got the money and where did it go?"

Grace Pleasants, an Anchorage realtor at RE/MAX, and Michael Ross, a Seattle-based attorney, both directors of the now-defunct Alexis Owners Association, refused to comment.

Mystrom, son of former Anchorage Mayor Rick Mystrom, said he just wants to get the project, which has languished for the better part of a year, completed or sold. The foreclosure sale is scheduled for Jan. 7, he said.

"At the end of the day, as the new investor, it's not my job to determine who's at fault, but to get the project at value and make sure it doesn't happen again moving forward," Mystrom said. "The only thing you can be sure of is no one is going to step up and say, 'It was my fault.'"