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Alaskans who are national patriots should vote Murkowski down

Anchorage lawyer Don Mitchell is voting for Scott McAdams because Mitchell has decided he himself is a "national patriot" -- not that he believes McAdams has a chance in the race. Here are some excerpts from his column -- Daddy's Girl Versus Sarah's Boy: Alaskans Who Are Alaska Patriots Should Vote for Lisa, Alaskans Who Are National Patriots Should Vote Her Down -- on Huffington Post:

For an Alaska patriot the decision is easy. He or she should vote for Lisa Murkowski. Because an Alaska patriot would be a dumbbell to give up the seat on the Senate Committee on Appropriations that Alaska has held since 1973 and the seat on the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources that Alaska has held since statehood (when it was called the Senate Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs). Lisa holds both seats, and if she is reelected she will continue to hold them.

But if an undecided Democratic or center-left independent voter is a national patriot, then that voter should vote for Scott McAdams, knowing when he or she does so that casting that vote may help elect Joe Miller. Because having Joe Miller in the Senate is a better result for the nation than reelecting the same old Lisa.

The 2010 presidential election begins on Wednesday. Last week Mitch McConnell told the National Journal that over the next two years "the single most important thing [I and the other members of the Senate Republican caucus] want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president." Not do what's right for the nation. Do what they can to ensure that the President of the United States fails.

I have decided that I am a national patriot. So if that is Lisa's agenda, then I am voting for Scott McAdams. Because having Joe Miller wearing a dunce cap on his head banging around the Senate with Jims DeMint and Inhofe and Tom Coburn (and potentially with Sharon Angle) is a better result for Barack Obama and the nation than reelecting Lisa who, with her veneer of moderation and seemingly thoughtful sensibility, will cast the same votes of national (as opposed to Alaska) importance that Joe Miller will cast.

And he says this:

So my guess is that on Tuesday I will vote for Scott McAdams. Joe Miller winning will be a disaster for Alaska. But for Barack Obama and the nation, Joe's arrival in the Senate will be a gift from the benevolent god in which I do not believe. So I will be happy to have helped out.