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Alleged 'Craigslist Killer' Miranda Barbour says she dumped body parts in Big Lake

  • Author: Laurel Andrews
  • Updated: September 28, 2016
  • Published March 30, 2014

In her second jailhouse interview in six weeks, 19-year-old Miranda Barbour, sometimes referred to as the "Craigslist Killer," claimed she committed murder in the Southcentral community of Big Lake, Alaska, telling authorities to look for body parts in the waters of Big Lake.

In an interview with The Daily Item on March 25, Barbour reiterated her claims that she had committed multiple murders, and stated three locations where she claimed to have killed: Big Lake, Alaska, Mexico Beach, Fla., and Raleigh, N.C.

Barbour told The Daily Item that investigators would not find any full bodies, but "they will find body parts." Barbour said authorities should search the waters of Big Lake. "There is some parts in there," she said. She also claimed to have dumped body parts into Mexico Beach, and had dumped a body off Interstate 95 near Raleigh, N.C.

During the interview, Barbour claimed that two other men had responded to her Craigslist "companionship" ad but had failed to show up, before Troy LaFerrara allegedly fell victim to the murder plot. "I tried it out a few times but it never worked out," Barbour told the Daily Item at the State Correctional Institution in Muncy, Penn., a women's maximum security prison where she was transferred after widespread media attention picked up surrounding the sensational details of her case.

Barbour, 19, and her husband Elytte Barbour, 22, are accused of murdering 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara of Port Trevorton, PA., after meeting him online via a Craigslist "companionship" ad and agreeing to have sex with him. Barbour allegedly picked LaFerarra up at a mall on Nov. 11 while her new husband hid in the back of the vehicle. After parking the vehicle, LaFerrara was stabbed to death. Both Elytte and Miranda reportedly admitted to the murder, in which Miranda allegedly stabbed LaFerrara while Elytte wrapped a cord around the victim's neck. They then reportedly went and celebrated Elytte's birthday at a strip club after dumping LaFerrara's body.

During her first interview in February, Miranda Barbour told The Daily Item that she had murdered at least 22 people from age 13 onward, mostly in Alaska, but that the Craigslist murder was Elytte's first. She also stated that she was a long-time Satanist.

On March 25, she again claimed to have committed multiple murders and said that federal authorities have not questioned her regarding her claims. She described her alleged victims as runaways and bad people.

Barbour's claims have been questioned by her father Sonny Dean who told The Daily Item in February "there is no way" she killed as many times as she claims. Dean said she was a liar, and "the most manipulative person I have ever known." What is known about Barbour is that she suffered extensive sexual molestation by her uncle Richard Fernandez when she was 3 years old. A trial judge in the case would later call it one of the most physically extreme abuse cases the judge had ever seen.

Local investigators told The Daily Item that they were taking her new claims seriously, but have no unsolved homicides that they are aware of in these locations. On Sunday afternoon, Alaska State Troopers spokesperson Megan Peters said she couldn't immediately determine whether troopers are investigating Barbour's claims of committing murder in Big Lake.

On Monday morning, Kevin C. Donovan, assistant special agent in charge at the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Anchorage, wrote in a statement: "The FBI is currently assisting local police in the investigation into whether or not Miranda Barbour is linked to any additional murder victims. It is anticipated that the investigation will take some time to complete."

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