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Anchorage man sentenced to 13 years for sexually abusing 9-year-old girl

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  • Updated: September 28, 2016
  • Published August 1, 2014

A 33-year-old Anchorage man was sentenced Friday in Anchorage Superior Court to 13 years in prison for sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl. Court testimony indicated he had other child victims as well.

Jamie Andrew Brown told investigators shortly after his arrest in April 2013 that he abused the girl on at least five occasions. He openly admitted to downloading child pornography, according to court testimony.

While the state commended his openness with authorities, Assistant District Attorney Jonas Walker argued for the maximum sentence of 15 years.

Walker noted multiple letters of support for the defendant during Friday's sentencing. However, the prosecutor said, Brown was not under the thumb of the court system for being "lazy" or "a generally bad person."

"He's being sentenced for committing serious crimes against vulnerable victims," Walker said. "Although (his acquaintances) don't see him as being a violent person," his actions were "violent, terrifying and reprehensible."

Someone contacted police in April after learning Brown had photographed the 9-year-old without her clothes on. Detectives found that Brown occasionally stayed with the girl's family and had been sneaking into her bedroom to molest her.

Walker detailed one instance in which Brown entered the victim's bedroom with a flashlight, went underneath her bedcovers and started abusing her while she slept. The state argued that when the girl awoke and protested, Brown slapped her. Brown, through his attorney, argued that single detail did not occur.

Brown reached a plea deal with the state in October. He was originally charged with one count of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor, six counts of second-degree sex abuse of a minor and two counts each of possessing child porn and making the illegal materials.

On Friday, he was sentenced to eight years for the first-degree sex crime and an additional five years for a consolidated child porn count. He also has 12 years of suspended time as "encouragement" to rehabilitate himself, said Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton.

Walker declined to comment on any open investigations against Brown when asked if Anchorage police discovered additional victims. The prosecutor did mention more than once that others underwent similar abuse at the hands of Brown.

After Brown's arrest, police said they were concerned about the possibility of other victims as Brown worked closely with children as a volunteer at churches and schools.

The mother of the victim phoned in for the hearing and offered a short victim impact statement.

"Each day is another day of healing. … It's going to take a long time," the mother said. "We're praying and hoping we can get through this."

Public Defender Julia Moudy said there was no way to make the victim whole. The one thing her client did right, she said, was come clean. Moudy said Brown was adamant about not putting the girl through the mental turmoil of a jury trial.

Brown suffers from "learning problems" and "social issues," Moudy said, adding that his lack of criminal history coupled with his desire to change makes him a prime candidate for rehabilitation. She asked the court to impose fewer years than the state's proposal of 15, arguing that was excessive -- "beyond the amount of time needed to rehabilitate Mr. Brown."

Brown's family sat silently behind the defense table as both parties presented their arguments. Moudy said they offered a perfect support system for her client. The family does not deny the crimes and is focusing on treatment, she said.

Brown apologized to the family of the victim, who, according to court testimony, moved out of state after the girl was abused. Brown said he'd complete any treatment needed.

"I'll get them done. I'll get that stuff completed," Brown said. "I want to make my life better in everything I do."

Brown will be required to register as a sex offender for life when released from prison.

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