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Anchorage police arrest 3 in connection with Fairview shooting

A gang rivalry may have led to the shooting Monday in Anchorage's Fairview neighborhood that left one person wounded, according to a complaint filed by an Anchorage police officer.

Around noon Monday, police got a 911 call reporting a shooting in the parking lot at 801 Karluk Street, an apartment complex near the Fairview Community Recreation Center. There, police found a 32-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his left arm. Bullet holes marked the windshield of the man's car. There were shell casings and blood on the ground near the car, according to the complaint signed by officer Hunter Hasbrouck and filed in District Court.

The Anchorage Fire Department took the man to the hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening, Hasbrouck said in the complaint.

The complaint said video from the Fairview Community Recreation Center showed the man driving on Karluk Street, followed by a black Mazda. The next video segment showed the man attempting to back his car into a parking space outside the apartment complex. As he was backing up, the Mazda approached and a passenger got out and fired two shots before the video recording stopped, according to the complaint.

The man told police he was visiting a friend at the apartment complex and did not notice the Mazda following him. He said he did not know who shot him, but gave police a description of the two suspects. He described one as a black man with a medium build, bald head, scraggly beard and gold teeth. He described the driver as a black man with short hair, the complaint said.

Police had recently seen Isaiah Holloway, 25, driving a black Mazda. The complaint described Lamont Moore, 35, as a "known associate" of Holloway and said officers had recently seen the two together near where the shooting occurred, the complaint said.

Moore is from Compton, California, and is affiliated with the Blood gang, the complaint said. The man wounded described himself as a Crip from Compton, it said.

The complaint said the man wounded "was not sure why he was being shot at but believed it was Bloods that did it. He described the Fairview area as being controlled by Bloods and not wanting Crips there."

In photo lineups, the man identified Moore as the man who shot him and Holloway as the driver of the Mazda, the complaint said.

Police arrested the two men during a traffic stop late Tuesday near the intersection of Fourth Avenue and A Street in downtown Anchorage. The men were charged with attempted murder, according to a news release from Renee Oistad, police spokeswoman.

Later that night, police arrested Holloway's brother, 22-year-old Ishmael Holloway. Holloway was charged with tampering with physical evidence, Oistad said.

According to a charging document, police continued to look for the car involved in the shooting after they arrested Moore and Isaiah Holloway. Police found the car on the 4200 block of Mountain View Drive.

Detectives saw Ishmael Holloway go into the garage where the car was. Police had been told that Holloway had received a message from someone at the jail shortly after his brother was remanded, charges said.

A cab company arrived at the garage and popped the lock on the car. About 10 minutes later, Holloway left in another vehicle. Police officers stopped the vehicle and found cleaning supplies including "bleach, rags and what appeared to be recently used rubber gloves," according to charges.

When arrested, Ishmael Holloway was out on bail from a separate shooting case and his third-party custodian was not with him when he was in the garage, charges said.

Tegan Hanlon

Tegan Hanlon was a reporter for the Anchorage Daily News between 2013 and 2019. She now reports for Alaska Public Media.