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Man appears superhuman in battle with Wasilla police

A homeless man apparently known to law enforcement officers throughout Alaska had an especially notable confrontation with Wasilla police last week, reports The Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman. Robert Compton was reported to be threatening toward a man and his children for no apparent reason, police said. When officer Rick Manrique located Compton, he pulled a knife and demanded a fight and eventually to be shot. Manrique called for help.

"Compton ... lunged at officers several times," Manrique says in his statement. "Compton was Tasered approximately 15 times, Tasered with 12-gauge XREP rounds which he tore out with no effect. Compton was hit with five 12-gauge beanbag rounds as well with no apparent effect."

Compton eventually surrendered and was taken to the hospital for a checkup. Read more at The Frontiersman: Details reveal bizarre conflict

Here's a 2007 logbook item from an Alaska State Troopers encounter with a Robert Compton of Wasilla:

Wasilla/Disorderly Conduct - At 10:23 p.m. Friday troopers responded to Woodruff Loop where Robert Compton, 39, of Wasilla had been reported yelling and throwing things. Troopers found him in a garage and Compton challenged them to a fight. Compton was arrested and jailed at the Mat-Su Pre-Trial Facility.