Bagels and lox get an Alaska touch

Holidays are the time when countries all over the world bring out their finest delicacies and most treasured local resources to enjoy with family and friends around the table. History shows that smoked salmon is one of those prized items that has been used for generations for holiday feasts both here at home and all across the globe. Smoked salmon not only boasts vibrantly colored, gleaming flesh and that undeniable briny flavor but also recalls fishing stories from seasons past and time-honored traditions of preparing and preserving our glorious local resources. Smoked salmon isn't merely food -- it's a conversation starter, a storyteller, a great unifier, a holiday tradition.

This is my take on classic bagels and lox. My version uses our beautiful wild Alaska smoked salmon, cream cheese, sliced green onions and a generous, bright squeeze of fresh lemon, all atop a toasted everything bagel. It's simple and quick, a favorite among family and friends. This go-to recipe truly highlights the qualities of the fish that have made it a tried and true holiday menu necessity.

Everything bagels with smoked salmon and green onions

Serves 4

4 everything bagels, sliced in half and toasted

4 ounces of cream cheese

4 ounces Alaska smoked salmon, flaked

4 green onions, thinly sliced

4 lemon wedges

Spread a generous layer of cream cheese onto each toasted bagel. Top each bagel with about an ounce of smoked salmon pieces, evenly distributed. Sprinkle liberally with green onions. Squeeze fresh lemon over top just before serving. Serve with more lemon wedges as desired.