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Mountain View sculpture is a labor of love for this Anchorage artist

On Saturday morning, the Anchorage neighborhood of Mountain View will celebrate its latest public art sculpture at the corner of Mountain View Drive and Park Street. "Whale Song" is a five-foot bronze sculpture of a whale flipping water onto its tail. Alaska birds and animals are carved into its fins and fluke. The sculpture is meant to symbolize peace in a diverse world. "Whale Song" artist Christina Demetro says she's always eager to make public art that adds something to the surrounding area. She and her co-sculptor, Aurora Sidney-Ando, came up with the idea for the bronze sculpture almost two years ago. The Anchorage Community Land Trust, Alaska Humanities Forum and Brown Jug were the major donors to the project.

Demetro was drawn to Mountain View because of its diversity. Watch this video to experience some of Demetro's journey to bring more beauty to Mountain View.

The "Whale Song" celebration begins at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 11.

Scott Jensen

After growing up in Anchorage, Scott Jensen embarked on a traveling TV photojournalism career that took him to big cities like Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis. He's back home now and produces video journalism for