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Photos: Artist Sarah Davies' sculpture project '100Stone'

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  • Updated: September 28, 2016
  • Published July 9, 2015

This summer Davies, 40, is creating an enormous project that aims to capture personal stories of struggles of people like her in sculptural form. She described the art as a "unique approach to suicide alertness."

If all goes as planned, on Dec. 5 of this year 100 human statues will be arranged in the mudflats off the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, positioned as if they are walking into Cook Inlet. Each one is a cast of an Alaskan who has experienced what Davies called "emotionally difficult conditions, trauma, persistent grief, chronic illness, mental illness."

Their frozen procession into the water is meant to symbolize "the marathon that is wellness management," she said.

The installation is titled "100Stone." That's not plural, "stones," Davies stressed, but "stone" a traditional British unit of weight equal to about 14 pounds. One hundred stone is roughly the weight of a full grown bull.

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