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Video: General the husky puppy

(Video courtesy Andrea Huisman)

Forget his crippling canine deformities -- little General is one lucky dog. In the Alaska of old, his life would have been measured in hours. In the wild, he might have made it a day or two until his mother discovered he couldn't walk.

Cute as a button at birth, General sadly came into the world lacking the use of his front legs. A dog like that is doomed in the natural world, and people living subsistence lifestyles can't afford to sacrifice resources to support a dog unable to work for a living.

General, however, was blessed to be born into the family of Andrea Huisman. When she decided the family couldn't support him, she put an ad on in Fairbanks looking for a responsible family who could.

The ad went viral and the world opened its heart. More than 100 offers to take General in have come from across the country.

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