What is a digital membership?

A digital membership includes full access to all content on adn.com as well as our mobile apps and the print-replica e-Edition. Digital members on an automatic monthly payment plan will also have access to deals and discounts through our Advantage Club. Over time, we will add new member benefits, possibly to include event tickets/discounts, more shopping and dining deals, and other perks.

I thought you took down the old paywall. What happened?

There is a cost associated with publishing and delivering news online just as there is a cost to publishing and delivering a newspaper. When Alaska Dispatch purchased the Anchorage Daily News in 2014, we stopped charging for digital access because we wanted to bring the news to as many Alaskans as possible with no barrier to entry. Our business model relied entirely on advertiser support to subsidize a cost-free reader experience. As time has passed, however, it has become apparent that the expense of keeping a website as robust and complex as adn.com cannot be borne by advertisers alone, so we are asking our digital readers to make an investment in quality local news the way our print readers do.

Why can I still read some stories? Can I read news without a digital membership?

Certain areas of our site, such as section pages and select special publications, are made available free to the public. Additionally, some limited free access is provided to individual readers each month. Only digital members will be able to enjoy unlimited access to all content on adn.com.

What do I get with my membership?

As a digital member, you’ll have full access to all content on adn.com, the electronic replica e-Edition, and our mobile apps.

I’m a print subscriber. Do I have to buy a digital membership, too?

No! As a home delivery subscriber, you will receive your digital membership at no additional cost.

Why doesn’t my old e-Edition login work?

As part of the transition to our new system, we needed to find a software program that would let us add the digital membership to print and e-Edition subscribers’ accounts without adding yet another login to keep track of. Unfortunately, the system we were using wouldn’t allow us to do that, so we will have to ask you to set up a login on our new platform. We are sorry for the extra step, but we decided a one-time inconvenience was the least disruptive option.

Will I be able to comment online using my member login?

Unfortunately, because we use different software vendors for our commenting and digital registration systems, we are not able to link the different types of accounts through one single login. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is something we are working on.

Will I be able to use my member login on multiple devices?

Yes. Your member login will work on your computer(s), phone, tablets, etc.

I don’t like all these changes! Why are you doing this?

While we believe news is a public service, we are also a business employing more than 200 Alaskans and doing business with lots of other local companies and contractors. It’s our responsibility to run the company in a way that will let us keep publishing the news year after year, whatever the format. As the way readers consume news changes, our organization must change too. Some readers may find some changes inconvenient. We are sorry for this and hope that the community understands that we are working to make our news as affordable and sustainable as we can.
At the same time, we are making significant investments in our print and digital infrastructure through adoption of the Washington Post’s state-of-the-art Arc publishing system and our new and improved dual-press printing facility, currently nearing completion in Anchorage. We intend to serve Alaskans for generations to come, and we are taking steps to ensure we will be able to do so.