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Photo Essay: Is Anchorage really the least fashionable city in America?

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  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published June 1, 2012

In Anchorage, men have entertained a long history of fashion aversion. Alaskan men don't cotton to those Outside fancy pants fashionistas. Alaskan men fancy themselves as Don Quixote more than Don Draper. They'd rather crew on a crab boat then shop at J.Crew. They'd rather work in the coal mines than shop at Kenneth Cole. And Macy's? The only mace in this town is used on animals.

Sure there are exceptions, but for the most part Alaskan men are rugged individualists who opt for baggy sweats, big parkas and Columbia boots. We take pride in parading around public places in our over sized sports jerseys (who knew so many Eli Mannings lived in Anchorage) and the closest thing to fine footwear in our closets are represented by the pair of least scuffed tennis shoes.

But there is more to the story than just rugged individualism. Dressing down, down, down has become a cultural phenomenon in Anchorage that can be seen clearly through the eyes of travelers.

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