Swans pause in Anchorage on their way south for winter

Migrating trumpeter and tundra swans put on a show at Potter Marsh.

A group of at least 13 trumpeter swans and one tundra swan stopped to feed Sunday evening at Potter Marsh in South Anchorage as they migrate south.

Trumpeter swans are found in a wide swath of Interior, Southcentral and Southeast Alaska. Alaska trumpeter swans overwinter from Cordova to the Columbia River.

Swans often stop at the marsh in the spring and fall on their migration to and from nesting sites.

Swans are the largest waterfowl, can weigh up to 33 pounds and have a wingspan of 10 feet. Swans mate for life, but divorce is not unheard of.

Last year was the first year that swans nested at Potter Marsh and raised five cygnets. A pair are raising young at the marsh again this year.

Hunting of swans is illegal in Southcentral Alaska.

Bob Hallinen

Bob Hallinen

Bob Hallinen has been a photojournalist in Alaska since the 1980s and has traveled extensively all over the state. He retired from the ADN in November 2018 after 33 years at the newspaper.