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Jaromir Blagr: The Hockey Blog

Eight years later, the blog gets a new name

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  • Updated: October 17, 2016
  • Published July 24, 2014

Late on the afternoon of opening night of the 2006-07 hockey season, if memory serves -- and, man, my memory blows -- the powers at be at the ADN sidled up to my desk and told me they wanted to start a hockey blog.

OK, I said -- or something equally profound -- sounds good. Let's talk about that soon. Well, they said, kinda want to start it immediately. Well, that's just so awesome, I remember thinking, because I have no idea how to even begin one or what I will put in it. A 10-minute tutorial was offered, and then it was off to Sullivan Arena. Oh, one last thing, they said, what should we name it. So we named it -- cleverly, no? -- Woody on Hockey.

And I was never a fan of the name, figured it was just a placeholder. Felt a little arrogant to have my name in the title -- the last thing I've ever wanted was to seem like one of those tools who fancies himself a big-timer. But the name just sorta stuck -- branding, dontcha know, or at least that's my excuse now.

Anyhow, shortly after that, my pal Josh Niva, a former colleague and a full-time punster, lamented an opportunity lost. He championed the nom de plume of Jaromir Blagr. That's been stuck in my head ever since -- my never-used Twitter account (that's another story for another time) is @JaromirBlagr

?In any event, when the Alaska Dispatch bought the ADN, the aftermath included a switch of the online publishing system for us former ADNers, and that evidently required migrating a ton of stuff from the old site to the new one, and generated a lot of fixes and adjustments. Most of those were far more important that migrating a hockey blog, especially in the offseason.

But after eight years, or so, the chance arrived to rename the blog, so we have.

The end.


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