Kenai police shoot, kill dog that attacked 2 women

A Kenai dog attack on two women Monday morning, which ended when police officers shot and killed the animal, remains under investigation according to local officials.

Police first responded to reports of "a dog actively attacking two people" at a Princess Lane home just before 7:15 a.m. Monday, according to a dispatch on the case.

"One of the arriving officers could hear screaming from the residence and saw the bloody-faced dog in the yard," police wrote. "The dog advanced toward an officer and was shot and killed by police."

The women were taken to Central Peninsula Hospital for treatment of unidentified injuries, while Kenai Animal Control officials arrived to take custody of the dog's body and conduct an investigation in the attack with police.

"The medium-sized dog lived at the residence where the attack occurred," police wrote. "The association that the two females have with that residence is unknown at this time."

Kenai Police Chief Gus Sandahl said the dog involved in the attack appeared to be a pit bull-terrier mix, and was killed by two rounds fired by two officers at the scene.

"The first officer shoots as the dog is coming at him, the dog then wanders around somewhere -- they lose sight of it," Sandahl said. "The dog is seen back on the property, and the second officer puts it down."

Many of the details about the case were still being gathered by police Monday afternoon, such as whether police had received previous calls to the residence or reports of animal cruelty involving the dog, whether the dog belonged to the women and the extent of their injuries.

"It's still an active investigation," Sandahl said.

Kenai Animal Control's offices were closed Monday.