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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Obama will continue to fail unless he moves to the right

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  • Updated: June 30, 2016
  • Published November 10, 2012

The American people lost a talented, energetic, and extremely decent man who could have changed course for a troubled nation headed toward serious financial problems. They chose to re-elect a polarizing president who in the past four years has shown very little skill in creating jobs, keeping the deficit down, stimulating small businesses, increasing national energy production, and working with other political parties.

Contrary to the comments of many celebrating liberals, the Republican Party will always be a strong political force because it represents the Christian values and constitutional base of most Americans.

Who needs to change are the voting youth who do very little homework in political research and the minorities who blindly vote for one of their own. President Obama will also need to change for he can not be an effective leader with only 50 percent of the voting public behind him. His next four years will be just as stagnant as his previous term unless he's willing to extend his hand and start leaning to the right.

— Joseph Fleming


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