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Readers write: Letters to the editor, April 3, 2016

  • Author: Alaska News
  • Updated: July 8, 2016
  • Published April 3, 2016

And backward, it spells …

Gee isn't it funny that the acronym LIO for the Legislative Information Office, alias the Taj MaHawker, spelled backward is OIL. How is that for an very odd coincidence?

— George Faust


Legislature isn't giving us much to be civil about

(Alaska) Dispatch News asks for civil discourse on matters of public interest. Now our Legislature proposes cuts to education, elimination of scholarship programs, cuts to seniors and closure of trooper posts, all while protecting tax credits for huge multinational oil companies and now offering to buy the Anchorage LIO palace from a wealthy developer for $32.5 million even after a state judge has determined the lease was invalid. At the same time, you want me to give up a chunk of my PFD and start paying a multitude of taxes.

You ask for civil discourse? You will be lucky if you don't get civil insurrection.

— Mike McQueen

Copper Center

Senator may not feel the pain soon, but the rest of us will

When Sen. Pete Kelly so callously says that the Senate Majority "has cut a whole bunch of fat off the budget and nothing happened," the key phrase "to me yet" is omitted. Well, Mr. Senator, just give it some time. You may not feel any pain yet because it hits us, the little people, first. It hits my friends and neighbors, the folks that build your roads, buildings, bridges, teach your kids, keep your lights on, deliver your packages, do your banking, sell your insurance, nurse you back to health: all the many people that it takes to make a vibrant economy. But, if you allow our state to atrophy as it did in the '80s, then all Alaskans will suffer.

Rather than devastating our schools, our university, our people, now is the time to invest in our great state. Double down on education, training and jobs for our people. Open your eyes; those birds aren't your chickens coming home to roost, those are buzzards coming to pick the bones of the economy you seem so ready to destroy.

— Harry Crawford


Have they done anything yet?

Has the legislative majority made one single recommendation during this year's session that would benefit any citizen living in Alaska?

— Vicki Vermillion


Thanks to VA and taxpayers

There has been criticism of the VA in the past few years. I am an honorably discharged veteran. I can reassure the taxpayer that I personally have received excellent service from the local Veterans Administration. Thank all of you, as you are ultimately the people paying for these services. It is much appreciated.

— William Griffin


Mission doesn't require providing office space

The ongoing debate regarding the Legislative Information Office has been focused primarily on cost, either rent ranging from $682,000 to $4 million per year, or building purchase for over $32 million, or the cost of moving to another building. I suggest our legislators and the folks who elected them visit the Alaska State Legislature's Web site, click first on "Information Offices" and then on "LIO Services & Background." The first paragraph defines their "… one fundamental mission — to facilitate communication between legislators and their constituents." Feel free to read the following three or four pages too. Nowhere does it state, or even imply, that providing office space for legislators is necessary in fulfilling its fundamental mission.

It seems to me the debate should be focused on whether we need to provide Anchorage legislators with a second, interim suite in addition to their offices in Juneau. I think the cost of the LIO would be dramatically reduced if 60 legislative suites were eliminated.

— Dan Sterley


SB 89 only erodes women's services, access to health care

Every person is entitled to comprehensive health care and information about their reproductive options. Senate Bill 89 restricts students' health care knowledge by restricting qualified professionals from teaching sex education to students. Restricting health care knowledge has only negative health consequences.

Health care access and knowledge is a medical issue, not a political one. This bill states "abortion service providers" should not be allowed to teach sex education. In fact, this bill serves only to slowly chip away at women's services and reduce women's access to quality care. Bill 89 politicizes an important medical issue and should be strongly opposed.

— Carrie Downing-Larick


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