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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, Aug. 17, 2014

  • Author: Alaska News
  • Updated: July 8, 2016
  • Published August 16, 2014

AFD firefighters are real lifesavers

I would like to commend Anchorage Fire Department firefighters Skyler and Matt, who normally work on Engine 1 but were working TDY Engine 2, for their professionalism and life-saving skills. They extracted my brother-in-law (who was visiting from Outside) from a potentially very dangerous "deep-stuck" situation in Ship Creek mud on Aug. 13. The tide was coming in, but Skyler and Matt waded out -- with no regard for their own safety -- and dug Mark free.

They were too modest to give their last names, saying it was all in a day's work, but I want them to know how much they and their colleagues are appreciated. AFD firefighters never hesitate to put their lives on the line for us, and I thank them -- very, very much.

-- Michael Lacey


Reasons to vote for Sullivan

I am voting for Dan Sullivan for U.S. Senate because (this is a partial list):

1. Dan is not a career politician. He is currently serving as a lieutenant colonel and battalion commander of 6th ANGLICO (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company). He has over 20 years' experience as an infantry and reconnaissance officer on active duty and in the reserves.

2. As Alaska's attorney general, Dan spearheaded the "Choose Respect" campaign and sued the federal government to stop Obamacare.

3. As Alaska's commissioner of natural resources, Dan developed initiatives focused on jump-starting responsible resource and economic development.

4. Dan believes in defending our Second Amendment rights.

5. Dan and his wife Julie Fate Sullivan are parents to three girls. They both embrace the ideals that make America great. I met Dan and Julie. They are both the real deal. No pretenses. No power hunger. Just the sincere desire to restore Alaska and the United States of America back to the pioneer spirit that the country was founded on.

6. Dan Sullivan is the only conservative who is capable of defeating the Begich/Obama Agenda in November 2014.

-- Tina Hohnstein


ACES spells disaster for Alaska; vote no

Alaska's economy is decidedly dependent on oil production. It is the basis for our economic pyramid. Directly or indirectly, our health care workers, teachers and government employees are employed because of the economic foundation provided by the petroleum dollars. When the dollars disappear, so does the economic engine that fuels Alaska's economy. On a side note, the monetary input to the PFD will also dry up.

With a favorable tax structure, the oil producers will continue to explore and produce the oil needed to support Alaska's economy. Under ACES, the oil producers chose to invest elsewhere, and investment in Alaska was all but eliminated.

A no vote on Ballot Measure 1 supports a favorable exploration and development business climate for the oil producers, and supports a dynamic economy for all Alaskans. Kudos to those union members who realize their paychecks are directly dependent upon oil flow.

-- John Lau


No On 1 campaign has no respect

While outspending "Vote Yes" 100 to 1, why would "Vote No" feel it necessary to steal and dismantle hand-painted signs?

I am a teacher. I taught choir, theater, guitar and piano at Eagle River High School. This year, my position and my kids' programs were cut. Educators and parents were told that Alaska could not fully fund education because of a $2 billion deficit. SB 21 gave oil companies (who were making record profits under ACES) additional money this year.

I've spent my summer painting "Vote Yes" signs for a grassroots campaign of real Alaskans who are informed and care about their state's economy, Alaska jobs, infrastructure and education. It is a campaign to reverse the bad deal that was made by lazy legislators who failed to explore public domain data which illustrates, for example, that Alaska provided 11 percent of ConocoPhillips' total world investment and yielded 33 percent of their total world profit under ACES.

I've pieced together the sign that was trashed and it's standing strong. I encourage fellow Alaskans to stand strong, think of your future and vote yes on one.

-- Andrea Lang


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