Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, Aug. 18, 2015

Arctic birds can’t be cleaned

While the Fish and Wildlife Service struggles to develop a workable plan to save oiled polar bears ("How to de-oil a polar bear: Grim outlook for wildlife impacts from an Arctic spill," Aug. 15), it is important to remember that there is absolutely no realistic chance of bird cleanup in an oil spill in Arctic waters.

Oil, even in small amounts, can be devastating to waterbirds. For instance, even a quarter-sized drop of oil can kill an eider, a sea duck that relies on northern Alaska ocean habitat. Like a hole in a diver's wet suit, the drop of oil allows the frigid Arctic water to penetrate the eider's feathers, causing the bird to freeze to death long before the toxic oil has a chance to poison it. We can't fix an Arctic Ocean oil spill; drilling there is irresponsible.

— Nils Warnock


Please, senator, be polite

How exciting it is to have President Obama and other officials from world Arctic nations coming to Alaska to address climate issues. I certainly hope that Sen. Murkowski will give a sincere welcome to the president and leave her criticisms aside. So far, that doesn't sound possible.

— Jan Wyland



Skateboarders unprotected

Sunday's (Aug. 16) article about skateboarding and folding into Native culture was interesting in the subliminal message opportunity missed. Ten shots of youths, only one wearing helmet and also knee and arm protection!

Why? No one cares?

— Don Keil