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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, Aug. 23, 2014

  • Author: Alaska News
  • Updated: July 8, 2016
  • Published August 22, 2014

Thanks for the business and friendship, Anchorage

This is to all our good friends who have trusted us over these last 33 years with their art framing needs at The Frame Workshop and Gallery. It is bittersweet to finally close our doors, but it is time for us to start a new chapter in our lives.

We will miss all of you and encourage you to stop in to say goodbye over the next few weeks.

Thanks for the journey.

— Carol Merritt, owner

Bill Boyd, manager

The Frame Workshop and Gallery


Public school cuts run deep

Thanks to Michelle Theriault Boots for her Aug. 21 article about the state of our Anchorage schools. However, a point of clarification is needed. While few teachers involuntarily lost their jobs, the district was forced to eliminate many teaching positions. Every year dozens of teachers either retire or resign. This year, because of budget issues, many were simply not replaced. ASD has lost over 200 teaching positions in just the past few years, plus many more support positions. These losses far exceed what would be attributable to the recent slight decline in enrollment.

In addition to losing teachers, programs have been cut throughout the district.

Parents, how have these cuts affected your children's school?

Students, what impacts have you noticed at your school?

Please, share your story. Write a letter to the editor about what's happening at your school, post it on Great Alaska Schools Anchorage's Facebook page, or send us an email at Let's get a picture of the true impacts on our schools. Great Alaska Schools is looking forward to hearing from you and sharing your stories.

— Alison Arians and Deena Mitchell, founding members

Great Alaska Schools Anchorage


Where are my unofficial results?

Who ever heard of a newspaper, even the smallest of small-town papers, that did not let its readers know who won the statewide primary elections? It's bad enough that the vote totals are not printed, but to not even inform us of the winners is unconscionable journalism. You might also do a little research into the percentage of Alaskans who do not have computers available at home.

And consider those of us who may have computers, but hate them.

— Tom Nelson


Port of Whittier can support us

What am I missing here? When I came to Alaska in 1958 we arrived by sea at the port of Whittier, which was the primary year-round port used by the military. The port is still there and an improved rail system goes directly from Whittier to Anchorage. Do we really have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the Port of Anchorage when a perfectly good port already exists in Whittier? We have already wasted hundreds of million on a poorly designed expansion with poor oversight that lined the pockets of all those involved in the boondoggle known as the Port of Anchorage. I mean really, has no one else thought of this?

— Rick Travis


By your powers combined

It would be a lot better for Byron Mallott to join up with Bill Walker and be lieutenant governor than to be third place in the election; that gets you nothing. It puts Byron in a good position to be governor down the line.

Alaska needs Byron and Bill in that governor spot because of the hard times Parnell is going to deliver to Alaska in the next year or two. The oil companies are going to push hard for Parnell to get in. The opposition needs AFL-CIO organization to counter that.

They can't win on their own.

Patience is what Byron needs. He needs to take little steps to get where he wants to go and he will get there in time. Take a poll on this and you will see that together they would win and apart they will lose. Better to win something than to lose and have nothing.

— John Suter


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