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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, July 28

  • Author: Alaska News
  • Updated: July 8, 2016
  • Published July 27, 2014

Proposition 1 would alienate our friends in the oil industry

The time is near for the vote on Prop. 1. I ask, why would anyone want to return to the 6 percent annual decline in oil volume under ACES? Why would you want to return to the declining rate of profits under ACES? Supporting SB 21, and voting No on Prop. 1 means increasing oil volume thorough TAPS, and increasing PFD checks for all Alaskans.

Big oil is not our enemy. They are our friends and neighbors. They shop in our stores, and their children attend our schools. They give millions to our hospitals, and charities. SB 21 will bring more oil company employees to Alaska and more money for our stores and markets. Prop. 1 will regress to the declining oil volume through TAPS, smaller PFD checks and eventual shutting down of the trans-Alaska Pipeline. Do you really want that to be Alaska's future? Vote No on 1.

-- Bob Lewis


Politicians: We need mature adults, not schoolyard bullies

I'm getting really sick of politicians saying I need "a fighter" to represent me. No I don't. I want someone who is mature enough to know how to work with others to solve problems.

Governing shouldn't be playground posturing. Get back to me when you grow up.

-- Steven Hunt

Homeland security should be dealing with immigration

So now President Barack Obama and his administration are proposing to house illegal alien children on more military bases throughout the country. This is height of foolishness. It will severely erode our military's training programs and degrade their readiness. This is not the role our military is meant for. This is DHS's problem and they should not be imposing on the military.

So where is FEMA in all of this? Why are they not assisting? Isn't a humanitarian crisis more up their line? And if the conspiracists are right then where are all of these massive FEMA relocation camps that the government supposedly has? If they really do exist, wouldn't they be perfect for housing refugees of any ilk during an emergency?

-- John Klapproth

Facebook login a hassle, but there is one big advantage

Forcing people to log on to Facebook to comment about articles on probably weeds out a few knee-jerk responses, however, by the time I get to Facebook, I usually forget what I wanted to say in the first place. On second thought, that's a really good idea.

-- Michael Wilber


Big Oil, lawmakers who passed SB 21 did not attend debate

I had the privilege of attending the "robust debate" on SB21 by Bill Wielechowski, Brad Keithley, Gregg Erickson and Roger Marks at the Wilda Marston Theater last Wednesday. We were left with a very favorable impression of the debate participants, the size of the turnout, and the cultural climate created by Common Ground, both Leagues of Women Voters groups, ISER, all the helpers and the audience.

I found the whole experience very reassuring that a microcosm of America is able to work together in a reasonably democratic way. I was glad to see all the young people involved in a constructive way and sad for the people who were turned away for lack of seating.

The missing components from the debate were the oil company executives and our Senators and Representatives responsible for passing SB 21. I am not surprised because several declined to be involved in some of our discussions here on the Kenai Peninsula. I suspect I know how they feel and act from my experience as a 10-year-old in 1940. My Uncle Hugh asked me if I had shot up our neighbors mailbox with his .22 Winchester rifle. I lied and, of course, the truth came out.

The good news is I learned from my experience. There is hope.

-- Hugh R. Hays

Carry bear spray on trails, it just might save your life

On May 12, while walking my dogs on a local trail, I was charged by a big brown bear. Seeing my dogs acting nervously, I pulled my bear spray out of my holster seconds before I heard a growl and saw the charging 27-acre body coming towards me. I stood my ground and sprayed toward him. He stopped and returned to whatever he was doing. So I walked fast to the road with the dogs. I was breathing hard and fast and had some chest tightness that subsided. All next week when I thought about this incident I would get this chest tightness that would subside and thought nothing of it. Just a little anxiety! On May 19, I awoke at 3 o'clock with chest pain, nausea, and sweating. I called 911. I was instructed to take some aspirin. They responded immediately and took me where I needed to go. I had "The Widow Maker" heart attack.

Thank you so much Anchorage paramedics and fire department. And to the Providence emergency room personnel and doctors who placed the two coronary stents that saved my life.

I am now retired and still walking my dogs. Oh yeah, carry some bear spray. It may save your life.

-- Jeffrey G. Bartline

Forget commercialization, just legalize small amounts

Recently I listened to a broadcast version of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce's debate on ballot measure No. 2. During the proponent's opening comments, he stated that an unnamed former deputy commissioner for the Department of Corrections supported the measure.

As a former DOC deputy commissioner and a longtime criminal defense attorney, I am writing to state for the record that I do not support Ballot Measure 2. Alaskans have nothing to gain from the commercialization of marijuana, especially as it pertains to young people.

In my opinion, Alaska would be better off by simply legalizing the sale of small quantities of marijuana. This approach would eliminate the promotion and commercialization of its use.

-- Carmen Gutierrez

SB 21 translates into more business, better employment

I have lived in Alaska all my life. I am a tax and business attorney with 29-plus years of experience. I represent a lot of Alaska businesses, and across the board, we are seeing more business because our clients are seeing more business -- which translates in to more workers, better employment and more money flowing into the economy. SB 21 works and I am voting No on No. 1.

-- Peter Brautigam

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