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Readers write: Letters to the editor, March 25, 2015

  • Author: Alaska News
  • Updated: July 8, 2016
  • Published March 24, 2015

Stand up for smoke-free workplaces

I'm writing in support of a statewide smoke-free workplace law for the great state of Alaska. I've lived in Anchorage for 28 years. I'm a mother and a grandmother. I volunteer with my church, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and I help facilitate a book club at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center. I care about my community the same way I care about my family.

My Catholic upbringing has instilled in me a very deep sense of what social justice is. And I believe that, in a lot of ways, secondhand smoke exposure in the workplace is a social justice issue. Everyone, no matter their means, their employer, their way of life, has a basic right to breathe smoke-free air. Everyone deserves it. No one should be excluded. It's upsetting to me that so many have enjoyed this gift while others have remained in jeopardy. Are we not all Alaskans? How can we say that some Alaskans deserve this protection while others, through no fault of their own, have none? Yet, for years now, that has been the reality facing many of our fellow Alaskans.

I think that everybody should stand up for what's right. We should create a level playing field for every citizen in the state and pave the way for a statewide law to go through so that everybody can breathe smoke-free air in the workplace. It's painfully simple.

It's time for everybody to stand up and say this has gone on way too long. It's time to get this done.

— Cindy Emery


Sen. Sullivan's plan is path to Mideast war

Sen. Dan Sullivan wants Congress to get involved in the Iran negotiations. I wonder what Alaska's new junior senator thinks would happen if an Iran agreement on the nuclear issue went before our dysfunctional Congress? A reasoned, thoughtful discussion? Has he been paying attention? When was the last time this happened?

To make it even less likely, Sullivan helped rev up partisan discord by sponsoring a letter to Iran's leaders all but promising Republicans would torpedo any agreement they signed. And it's clear from his commentary that he is committed to do just that.

Sullivan seems to think that rejecting an agreement and increasing sanctions will cause the Iranians to throw up their hands and acquiesce to whatever demands Congress might propose. That's a total fantasy that ignores recent history. Sullivan's plan is the shortest possible path to another Mideast war.

— Bob Madigan


Let's put this winter behind us

OK already … we made the best of the winter that never really arrived, but … with Oosik Classic behind us, trails turning to mush, and consistent days with near-summer weather, isn't it time that Mayor Sullivan gave the word to start cleaning the roads. It would be great to not breathe dust and worry about getting rocked with all of the gravel on the sides of the road.

Motorcycle and bicycle season is upon us … let's make it safer and more pleasant for all by clearing/cleaning the roads.

— Gerry Xavier


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