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Readers write: Letters to the editor, May 18, 2016

  • Author: Alaska News
  • Updated: July 8, 2016
  • Published May 18, 2016

Trump is flimflam man who lacks

integrity of faithful Horton

As an elementary school librarian, I often cite Horton the elephant in many of my lessons. As you may well know, Dr. Seuss’ Horton said, “I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful one-hundred percent.” Tonight It dawned on me the symbol of the Republican Party is the elephant. What? Did “the Donald” not know this? Did “the Donald” not have the benefit of an elementary librarian to guide him? Obviously not! Otherwise he would not change his positions daily.

How are we voters to know what he stands for? Banning Muslims? Building a wall? Self-funding his campaign? Women are pigs? You know, Donald may have millions of dollars, mansions galore, beautiful wives, etc., but if Horton and his honesty out-Trumps him, what does he really have? He’ll be an empty shell.

I am like Horton. I mean what I say and say what I mean. I will never vote for this flimflam man.

Think of what his presidency would mean to our nation. Think!

— Mary Navitsky


Berkowitz should remember promises made are debts unpaid

Please, mister mayor, don’t help me anymore. What was it you were going to do for us? Oh, I remember — bigger police force, more firefighters, housing for the homeless and no rise in taxes.

Well, my mill rate rose only slightly, but somehow, during this year of economic strife and stagnation, my 40-year-old home has suddenly gained over $21,000 in value. Now, the nature of mathematics may have changed during my declining years, but more likely, the numbers were destined to reach a preordained total. I was going to have my taxes raised by nearly $400 one way or the other. And what happened to the healthy block of unused funding that was discovered a few months ago and considered for use as a rebate for property tax payers?

Well, don’t have time to talk anymore — have to run out and find a way to spend the $21,000 in increased net worth I just acquired.

— Don Neal


Downing, GOP much scarier than candidate Clinton

Suzanne Downing (ADN, May 13) should read her American history. Bill Clinton: Country is prosperous; Bush: Crash, and then, as he left office, the worst U.S. crash since the Great Depression. Two hugely expensive wars gutted our economy; Republicans during his administration: 4.5 years Senate-controlled, 6 years House-controlled.

Louisiana, oil state’s Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal leaves the state’s finances a disaster and its treasury virtually bankrupt.

Alaska: Republican-controlled governor, House, Senate. Billions on mega-pork projects, ignore all warnings, state is now a financial disaster with Republicans now saying, “We are in this together” (does the LIO and the ruling elite tell you something?)

Me, I can read history and learn its lessons. Republicans run things into the ground. I fear them. They are in it for themselves and only themselves. When disaster hits, we hear the refrain “We are in this together.”

I am an Alaskan. Downing doesn’t speak for me. I fear her and her party, not some bogey person, be it Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

— Greg Schmitz


No more LIO buildings

$125,000 deposit on another unnecessary building? Really?

I can’t say I’m a Trump fan, but maybe the people in Juneau should read “The Art of the Deal.” Or better yet, just quit trying to spend money, rein in the deficit and start listening to the people!

— Terry L. Chambers


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