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Video: Dallas Seavey's 50-foot dog mushing treadmill

The kennel at Dallas Seavey Racing includes a 50-foot treadmill in a refrigerated trailer to train his dogs during the off-season.

Seavey keeps the treadmill trailer at 40 degrees to ensure that the dogs will stay cool during summer training sessions.

"By being able to work them out year-round, we can work that heart year-round," Seavey says. "We can create a more solid foundation for the dog to build from as we lead into Iditarod."

The video is one in a series of videos from Seavey about his training methods.

He's not the only one to employ a treadmill for off-season training. At the Happy Trails Kennel, Martin Buser uses a refrigerated treadmill he made from the Alaska Zoo's former elephant treadmill.

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