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VIDEO: Man rides moose in Canadian waterway

A video that surfaced over the weekend of a man jumping onto the back of a moose from a moving boat while the animal attempted to cross a waterway has sparked an investigation, Canadian media reports.

The video, reportedly shot on a lake in northern British Columbia, shows a shirtless man standing on the bow of a boat as it approaches a moose moving through shoulder-deep water. As the boat pulls alongside the moose, the man jumps onto the animal's back and rides it briefly, with one hand raised in the air, before dismounting. Other people in the boat can be heard laughing as they watch.

The video was uploaded to YouTube Saturday by B.C.-based Wolftracker TV.

Global News reports the video was filmed on Tuchodi Lakes, located in northeast British Columbia, though CTV News cites a conservation officer as saying it appears the video took place on a river.

Officials are investigating the incident, since it's a fairly obvious case of harassing wildlife, but a Canadian conservation officer told CTV News that "it doesn't look like this video was taken this year."