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Video: Spring bore tide along Turnagain Arm

The bore tide is a natural phenomenon that occurs in narrow channels when the leading edge of an incoming tide clashes with the flow of an outgoing tide, colliding and causing a wave. Bore tides can be seen in relatively few places in the world, but Turnagain Arm, to the south of Anchorage, is one of the best spots to witness this spectacle.

Alex Ede captured this video footage of paddleboarders riding a wave at a speedy 7 mph on March 23, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. along Turnagain Arm near Girdwood. Ede dreams of one day riding the tidal bore, where legend has it that paddleboarders are able to ride up to 40 minutes, all the way from Bird Point to Portage.

The Alaska Public Lands Information Center has recommendations for the best places and times to typically spot the bore tide.

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