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Attempted jailbreak goes awry when prisoner gets stuck in wall

  • Author: Amy Silverstein
  • Updated: September 29, 2016
  • Published December 9, 2012

This is terribly embarrassing, but I seem to have misjudged where the hallway ends and the wall begins.

Rafael Valadão, a stocky, tattooed inmate in Brazil, followed another prisoner in a daring escape through a hole in the wall. The hold had been built by prisoners with a metal shower pipe, in the shower of a cell that was shared by four prisoners, Jornal Populacional reported. There was just one problem: Valadão didn't fit. The other prisoner who escaped was apparently much smaller.

Valadão became wedged in the wall as others tried desperately to force him through the hole to no avail. He was left to scream for help from the same prison that he had tried to escape from. "He has a very large physique and is also very tall," Lieutenant Tiago Costa, of the local fire brigade told the Daily Telegraph.

He was left with his upper body hanging outside of the prison, with the hole closing in around his midriff. Firemen rescued him by smashing through the entire wall, and he is now being treated for a fractured rib, the Telegraph reported. One particularly depressing anecdote: when the police returned him to his cell, they found a suitcase full of clothes he had packed in anticipation of his escape.

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