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Deadbeat bosses named and shamed by new website

  • Author: Jill Langlois
  • Updated: September 29, 2016
  • Published June 21, 2012

Deadbeat bosses in Alberta will now be outed on a new government website if they don't pay their employees.

The Canadian province's Human Services Minister Dave Hancock said roughly 1,700 employers owe 3,500 workers more than $14 million (CAD) in unpaid wages, reported the National Post. The amounts owed range from $15 to more than $3.5 million.

"These numbers are disturbing," Hancock said to the Post. "These claims represent money that was properly earned by Albertans, but never received. Employers have had a chance to appeal orders and dispute the claims, but in the end, they've refused to pay what was owing to the employees."

Employers will only be removed from the list if they pay up, according to the Calgary Sun.

The worst offender that made the list is the Canadian subsidiary of Chinese state-owned oil giant Sinopec, SSEC Canada Ltd., which owes workers $3.5 million and has 129 complaints against it, reported CTV Calgary.

Hancock said the Alberta government is trying to improve fairness in the workplace by increasing the amount of education tools available and enforcing employment standards with a firmer hand, according to the Sun.

"A balance of education and enforcement is the key to reducing the number of claims," Hancock said.

CTV also reported that KP Manufacturers, a Calgary-based woodworking company, is also part of the site's top five list, owing 17 workers nearly $236,000.

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