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South Korean fringe website: Let's use Boston to bomb North Korea

  • Author: Geoffrey Cain
  • Updated: September 29, 2016
  • Published April 17, 2013

SEOUL, South Korea — Some Americans are speculating on Twitter that North Korea masterminded the bombings in Boston, pointing out its timing after two months of militant rhetoric. Of course, all five South Koreans interviewed by GlobalPost over the past day expressed shock over the news and thought such a scenario was incredibly unlikely.

But KoreaBANG, a popular blog, has put together a translation revealing the dark side of anti-Pyongyang punditry here in South Korea after the bombing.

A fringe group of anonymous Korean web commentators has been taking note of the conspiracy theories making their way around American social media. Some of them are calling on Washington to use the marathon bombing as the pretext for an invasion of the North.

Some translated comments from, courtesy of KoreaBANG:

It's not really that important whether Jong Un did it or not, what's important is that it is a good opportunity to kill that pig. Who needs a reason?

I hope this will trigger a war so that all the Jolla [a region known for left-wing voter turnouts] commie c***s will be ripped to pieces. So happy~~ North Korean b*****s are f****d now. So happy Americans are suspecting North Korea!

Far right netizens often vent their anger on, a website that translates into "Best Daily." It's a divisive web forum known for cyber-bullying and misogynism, in addition to its extreme conservative politics.

In February, South Korea's main communications regulator even considered labeling the website "deleterious."

Of course, this sentiment is being spewed from a miniscule minority, and does not represent the views of all South Koreans.

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