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Wohlforth columns on flaws in Alaska’s legal system

  • Author: Charles Wohlforth
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 4, 2018
  • Published February 4, 2018

Columnist Charles Wohlforth has written repeatedly on flaws he sees in Alaska's legal system. Here are some of those columns.

Journalist who broke Fairbanks Four case unsatisfied after their release

Brian O'Donoghue worked 15 years to uncover the facts of the Fairbanks Four case. Now he wants prosecutors held accountable.

Disbelieved Fairbanks Four alibis show how anti-Native bias taints justice

The facts of the Fairbanks Four case are exceptional. Unfortunately, the cultural and racial divide it represents is not.

Alaska's justice system unfair to poor and minorities, but there are solutions

If you are Alaska Native, you are more than three times more likely than a white Alaskan to be imprisoned. Today I want to talk about solutions.

Unjustly imprisoned for 30 years, Donna Armey can't get Alaska's courts to listen

In this, the first in a three-part series on injustices that Alaska's legal system refuses to correct, the story of a woman in jail for a murder where she wasn't present, while the actual killer is free.

Debunked science has kept Suzette Welton in prison for 17 years

Second in a series: Evidence has evaporated that an arson fire killed her son, but unless she can prove she didn't, Welton must serve her 99-year sentence.

Alaska could release innocent prisoners. Other states do.

Third in a series: With prisoner exonerations increasing every year, many states are responding by reviewing old convictions. But not Alaska.

A Haines couple owes $52,000 after trying to block people driving on their land

When traditional rights to access the Chilkoot River clashed with private property rights, a middle class couple ended up paying legal fees to the other side in the case.

Alaska has violated convicts’ constitutional rights for a decade by ignoring their pleas for mercy

Three successive governors failed in their duty to review clemency requests, an ombudsman report finds.

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