Why I’m running for Anchorage Assembly

My name is Sam Moore, and I recently filed to run for the Anchorage Assembly seat recently vacated by Tim Steele. Tim has been a great Assembly member since winning his first race in 2013. I can't say that we've always agreed on the issues, but he's always been available, attentive and personable — not to mention respectful of differing views and opinions. Perhaps he was not a statesman, but a true municipal-man. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers to him and his family as he battles the illness he and his family are facing.

Fast forward a couple weeks, and we only have a short time until mail-in ballots are sent throughout West Anchorage for the special election to fill Tim's seat.

I thought about running during the last cycle, but my personal and professional life wouldn't accommodate it. I feel horrible for Tim, but this is also a new opportunity for West Anchorage to select a young progressive Alaskan.

First things first: I am a Republican, but no, I didn't vote for President Donald Trump. However, my true passions are the hyperlocal issues of zoning, land use, public transportation, business licensing, trails, parks, whether or not our trash gets picked up on time, etc. It's not sexy stuff. It's generally not what we argue over beers at Rustic Goat, but it's my passion. It's fun to debate state issues and even more fun to talk national and international policy, but I truly believe what comes out of the Assembly is more consequential to our day-to-day lives than what comes out of Juneau or Washington, D.C.

I only had a minor role, but I flew to Juneau a couple times to testify and lobby in order to get ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber in Alaska. It's one of my prouder moments. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, it doesn't matter; we all just wanted a reliable and trusted service to get us home, to work, or to go and get groceries. The Assembly and this administration dragged their feet far too long on a common-sense solution to a simple mobility problem. I like simple solutions. I like common sense. We need more of that on the Assembly, regardless of our broader partisan opinions.

I want to work with anyone who wants to work to solve problems. I like debating the issues, but I love finding solutions for my home.

I want more public safety, more (multi-use/transit oriented/general) development, and more economic opportunity for everyone in Anchorage.

Sam Moore is a candidate for the Anchorage Assembly, he can be reached at sam@samforanchorage.com or 907-229-5329

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